Gift & Souvenirs

Gift & Souvenirs

Gift & Souvenirs

  • Ropeway Choro-Q Toy Car

    This Choro-Q Toy Car is a precise reproduction of the currently used gondola in the Gozaisho Ropeway system. (Made by Takara-Tomy)

  • White Iron Tower Sweet Pie

    Japan’s highest “White Iron Tower”, the symbol of Gozaisho Ropeway, has become a gift.

  • Gozaisho Ropeway Cookies Decorated with Images

    Cookies decorated with images such as a red gondola, a Japanese serow and Mt. Gozaisho

  • Gozaisho Ropeway Crunchy Chocolate

    Crunchy chocolate in a cute gondola package

  • Pon Pon Water Soda Pop

    Local soda pop of Yunoyama Hot Spings made from underground water of the Suzuka Mountain Range

  • Buy Gozaisho Ropeway Gifts & Souvenirs online (Kamoshika Shouten Store)

Soft Drinks

  • Pon Pon Water Soda Pop

  • Orange to Drink


  • Umenomikoto

  • Komono’s Local Liquor Soushun

  • Kirara Ginjou
    Only sold in Yunoyama Hot Springs

※The consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden for persons under the age of 20 under Japanese law.


  • White Iron Tower Sweet Pie

  • Gozaisho Ropeway Cookie Decorated with Images

  • Gozaisho Ropeway Crunchy Chocolate

  • Gozaisho Cookie

  • Folk Tale of Paper Crane

  • Gozaisho Ropeway Cookie Decorated with Images (small)

  • Makomo (Manchurian wild rice) Candy

  • Yunohana senbei (rice cracker)

  • Souhei Mochi Rice Cake

  • Gozaisho Ropeway Drops

  • Plum Ice Cream

  • Makomo Ice Cream

Toys / Clothes / Ornaments

  • Ropeway Choro-Q Toy Car

  • Good-luck T-shirt for exam success

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