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Company Name Gozaisho Ropeway Inc.
Scope of work Normal aerial tramway business (ropeway)
Special aerial tramway business (lift)
Restaurant and shop business (Gift corner at the base, Restaurant & Shop Alpen, Restaurant Azalea)

Company Emblem

We fielded ideas for the emblem from the public through newspaper advertisement. From 1,072 applications, the idea of Mr. Kawauchi in Saga was selected. After being improved by Professor Kamekura, who was also in charge of the selection of Mie Kotsu’s company emblem, our company emblem was finally born.It represents the capital letter “G” of Gozaisho with the diagonal line in the middle in a 30 degree incline representing the steepest incline of the ropeway cable.

Corporate History

1955 Apr Consultations over the ropeway construction begin.
1956 Oct.
Planning draft for the construction of Mt. Gozaisho aerial tramway created.
Gozaiho Mountain aerial tramway Inc. established.
1957 May
Trade name was determined as Gozaisho Ropeway Inc. and the company was established and registered under that name.
Construction contract for the aerial tramway awarded to Nippon Cable.
Construction contract of the building awarded. (Plan: Touhata Architects & Engineers; Construction: Takenaka Corporation)
1958 April
Cornerstone-laying ceremony
Company Emblem finalized.
1959 March
Head office transferred. (from 1-1 Chuou, Tsu City to 8625 Komono, Komono-chou, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture)
Completion ceremony / Commencement of operations [three-cabled automatic loop system (one hauling rope and two carrying ropes)]
Youth hostel opened.
1960 Feb.
Gozaisho Ski Resort established.
Sightseeing lift starts operating.
1961 Mar.
Anemometer installed to each supporting tower.
6th Supporting Tower repainted white.
1962 Mar.
Nihon Kamoshika (Japanese Serow) Center opened.
Sanjou (Summit) Hotel opened.
1963 Mar. Weather observation begins at Mt. Gozaisho.
1964 Jun. Construction of the Ontake Daigongen Shrine completed.
1972 Feb. Ropeway breaks the 10,000,000th passenger mark.
1973 Dec. Ropeway attendant system discontinued.
1974 Dec. Supporting towers reinforced against strong winds. (5th Supporting Tower removed)
1977 Oct. TV camera installed for track surveillance.
1981 Dec. Supporting towers reinforced against strong winds. (2nd Tower: 16m→14m, 3rd: 11m→6.5m, 4th removed.)
1982 Nov. Snow machine introduced at Gozaisho Ski Resort.
1983 Jul.
Gift Corner opened at the base.
Snow gun introduced in Gozaisho Ski Resort.
1984 Jun. Rainfall observation radar completed. (Construction Ministry)
1985 Feb. Ropeway breaks the 20,000,000th passenger mark.
1986 Dec. Second lift (ski lift) starts operating.
1988 Jul. Equipment renewed to increase transportation capacity (speed up). Two carrying ropes and one hauling rope → one carrying rope and one hauling rope.
1989 Jul. New gondola made by CWA in Switzerland introduced.
1991 Jan.
Youth Hostel closed.
Sanjou (Summit) Hotel closed. Restaurant Azalea starts operating.
1998 Aug. Ropeway breaks the 30,000,000th passenger mark.
2006 Nov. Nihon Kamoshika (Japanese Serow) Center closed.
NPO “Gozaisho Nature School” takes over the center.
2009 Apr. Gozaisho Ropeway marks 50th anniversary of commencement of operations.
2013 Jul. Ropeway cards issued to commemorate the 55th anniversary of commencement of operations.
2014 Jul. Eight Ropeway companies in the Chubu Region have issued a ropeway stamp card.
2016 Aug. Ropeway breaks the 40,000,000th passenger mark.

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