Sightseeing Lift

Sightseeing Lift

“Sightseeing Lift” (single passenger use) rides at Mt. Gozaisho take you on a relaxing ride to the summit.

You can also hike to the summit, but the trail is steep in parts and can take approximately 30 minutes to climb.
The sightseeing lift is a perfect choice for those who want to get to the summit fast, those who do not have enough time to hike, those who are not confident in their physical ability or those who want to experience breathtaking views throughout all four seasons.

Why take the sightseeing lift?

  • Enjoy the fastest access to the summit of Mt. Gozaisho!

    You can also quickly get to “Boukodai (Lake-viewing) Lookout” which has a great view of Lake Biwa and Ontake Daigongen Shrine.

  • Sit back, relax, and the lift carries you to the summit in just 8 minutes!

    While it takes 30 minutes for you to walk to the summit after taking off the ropeway, the lift rides take only 8 minutes. You can comfortably make your way to the summit without worrying about the ups and downs of climbing.

  • Enjoy beautiful view from the lift throughout all four seasons!

    Take a scenic ride on the lift and enjoy magnificent views of all four seasons; flowers in spring, lush greenery in summer, beautiful colored leaves in autumn and dustings of ice on trees in winter.

Sightseeing Lift Ticket Prices

SectionOne wayRound-tripRemarks
Ropeway Sta.– Summit Sta.350 yen650 yenWith a round-trip ticket from Ropeway Sta. you can stop over in Kamoshika (Midway) Sta. on your way back.
Ropeway Sta.–Kamoshika (Midway) Sta.300 yen 
Kamoshika (Midway) Sta.-Summit Sta.300 yen 

*The sightseeing lift is 300 or 350 yen per ride. (Tickets sold separately from ropeway tickets.)
*The price listed above is a one way ticket price. A separate return ticket will also cost 300 yen.

*The sightseeing lifts only accommodate single passengers. You cannot ride the lift accompanied by small children.

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