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  • Access / Basic Information

  • Do you have any regular closing days?

    In principle, the ropeway operates all year round.
    In order to maintain a safe and reliable ropeway service, we conduct periodic inspection and works (consisting of a periodic inspection and works of the equipment and a rescue drill), during which period ropeway operations may be suspended for a few days every year.
    SeeTop Page for Suspension of Operation

  • How can I get to Gozaisho Ropeway?


  • Is Highway Route 477 (former Suzuka Skyline) open?

    It is open except during winter.
    Every year during the winter season from mid-December to March, Highway Route 477 is closed due to heavy snow. For information on the winter-season closure, contact the numbers below.
    Yokkaichi Construction Office, Mie: (059) 352-0660 (main number)
    Road Planning Section, Kouka Civil Engineering Office, Shiga: (0748) 63-6160

  • Is parking available? What is the capacity of the parking lot?

    There is a paid parking lot in front of Ropeway Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs Station (located at the base).
    There is a paid parking lot in front of Ropeway Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs Station, which accommodates approximately 360 cars and 20 large buses.
    It takes 1 to 2 minutes from the parking to the ropeway ticket window.
    SeePrices & Operating Hoursfor parking fees

  • What are the operating hours?

    SeePrices & Operating Hours

  • What clothes should I wear for this season?

    The temperature at the summit is lower than in the city area, so it is advisable to bring a jacket or two that you can easily put on or take off as the weather changes.
    As a general rule, the temperature decreases by about 0.6°C (1°F) for every 100m (328ft) in elevation.
    As the elevation of Mt. Gozaisho is 1,200m (3,937ft), the temperature is on average 5-6°C (9-11°F) lower than in the city area. Appropriate clothing varies from person to person, depending on how they feel the wind-chill factor or their purpose of visiting the mountain. For tips on what to wear see Clothing at the Summit.

  • Ropeway Rates

  • How much does the Ropeway cost?

    See Prices & Operating Hours

  • What is the age range for “adult” fares?

    Junior High School age and older
    SeePrices & Operating Hoursfor details

  • What is the age range for “child” fares?

    4 years old to elementary school age
    SeePrices & Operating Hoursfor details

  • What is the fare for my child who is under 4?

    Children under the age of 4 ride for free.

  • Can I use e-money or a credit card to make payment?

    E-money is not accepted. Credit cards can be used in depending on the facility.
    Credit cards are accepted at the ropeway ticket windows. However, other facilities including shops and restaurant do not accept credit cards.

  • Who buys a one-way ticket?

    Visitors who climb up (or down) Mt. Gozaisho on foot buy a one-way ticket.
    Although you can climb up the mountain on foot, the trails on the steep mountain are rough and quite challenging. They are not leisure walks. If you visit Mt. Gozaisho for sightseeing or leisure purposes, we recommend you take the ropeway to the summit. Even if visitors wearing casual clothes ask for a one-way ticket, we will turn down their request to ensure their safety. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries, etc. that might occur to visitors who bought a one-way ticket and climbed up the mountain on foot. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

  • Facilities at the Summit

  • What can we do and see at the summit?

    The summit area is a nature park.
    Mt. Gozaisho is located within the “Suzuka National Park”. The summit area is the “Gozaisho Summit Park”, where you can enjoy magnificent views from several observatories as well as flowers while taking a stroll along the walking trails.
    You will find a good restaurant within the park, and can take a stroll from one end of the park to the other in around one hour.
    See Summit of Mt. Gozaisho for details of Summit Park

  • What is the first-order triangulation point at the summit of Mt. Gozaisho?

    It is a reference point stipulated by law, which is used to make measurements.
    A triangulation point is one of the triangulation markers stipulated by law and is a reference point installed on the ground, which is used in triangulation.
    (Triangulation is a surveying method whereby using the measured length of one side and two angles in a triangle allows you to calculate the other two distances in the triangle.)
    Triangulation points are classified into 5 grades from first to fifth order and the basis of the classification is the distance to the neighboring survey points. The position of second-order triangulation is determined by using the position of first-order triangulation (including supplement points) as a reference point, the position of third-order triangulation is determined by using the position of second-order triangulation as a reference point, and the position of up to fourth-order triangulation is determined in the same method. These triangulations points are the basis of topographic mapping.

    First order: at 45.0km intervals (25.0km for supplement point)
    Second order: at 8.0km intervals
    Third order: at 4.0km intervals
    Fourth order: at 2.0km intervals
    Fifth order: No new installation available.
    This classification has nothing to do with the rank or the height of mountains.
    (A “triangulation point” is a point used for location reference, while a “bench mark” is a point used for elevation reference.)
    A long distance between the triangulation point on Mt. Gozaisho and the neighboring survey points can be a proof that Mt. Gozaisho has a commanding view.
    Triangulation markers are always installed so that the side where its grade is inscribed faces south. Make sure you check it out.

  • Are there good places to eat at the summit?

    There is a restaurant and a dining area.
    There are two good places to eat at the summit.
    Restaurant & Shop Alpen located in the ropeway Summit Park Station building
    Restaurant Azalea
    See Menu
    Please refrain from bringing your own food or using the facilities to rest without making an order.

  • I’ve heard about a restaurant at the summit, so I’m planning to have lunch with my friends there. Can I reserve a table?

    Reservations are not accepted.
    Reservations are not accepted either from group or individuals.

  • Is there still a Japanese serow zoo at the summit?

    It is now closed.
    The “Japanese Serow Center” was closed on November 30, 2006.

  • Are there any nursing rooms or diaper changing tables?

    There is no nursing room. However, there is a diaper changing table.
    Diaper changing table: There is one at a wheelchair-accessible bathroom located next to the gift corner on the base.
    Baby bed: There is one within the Summit Station building and Restaurant Azalea respectively.
    If you have any questions, please ask our staff.

  • Are there any AEDs?

    There are AEDs installed in our main facilities.
    There is one AED installed at ropeway Yunomaya Onsen Hot Springs Station and the ropeway Summit Park Station respectively. If you have any questions, please ask our staff.

  • Ropeway / Gondola / Lift

  • Are ropeway timetables available? How often do ropeway gondolas depart?

    They typically depart every minute.
    However, as our first priority is ensuring safety, operations might be at a lower frequency of every 30 minutes, suspended, or closed due to bad weather such as strong winds or thunder and lightning.

  • Which side seating offers (or does not offer) a good view?

    <During Ascent>
    Right of the door: facing the mountain
    Left of the door: facing the valley → sit on the left of the door for a good view.
    <During Descent>
    Right of the door: facing the valley
    Left of the door: facing the mountain → sit on the right of the door for a good view.
    If you are afraid of heights, you might want to sit on the side that doesn’t offer a good view.

  • How long does the ropeway take from the base to the summit?

    It takes approximately 15 minutes one way.
    It typically takes approximately 15 minutes from Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs Station on the base to Summit Park Station at the summit. Each gondola can seat up to ten people.

  • After getting off the ropeway at the mountain top, how can I get to the summit of Mt. Gozaisho?

    There are two ways: ➀ A ten-minute ride on a sightseeing lift
    ② A thirty-minute walk
    ① Taking a sightseeing lift
    After getting off the ropeway at Summit Park Station, walk towards the exit and you will find the lift terminal.
    Get off at the “Summit Station” terminal, and you will see the summit area in front of you.
    See Sightseeing Lift for details
    See Taking a Stroll for fun experiences at the Summit Park
    See Prices & Operating Hours for lift rates
    It takes approximately 30 minutes on foot from Summit Park Station to the summit. Please take care not to lose your footing at the park area with many steep paths and steps.
    See Summit of Mt. Gozaisho for a guide map

  • What is the sightseeing lift like?

    It is a single-passenger chairlift like those often found at ski resorts.
    This sightseeing lift, connecting the exit of the ropeway and the summit of Mt. Gozaisho, offers convenient access to the summit.
    You can also get off the lift at the Midway (Kamoshika) Station.
    ※You must not ride the lift while carrying a small child on your lap.
    SeePrices & Operating Hours for lift rates SeeSummit of Mt. Gozaisho for a guide map

  • Is there an age limit for the sightseeing lift? Can small children or the elderly ride on it?

    There is no age limit.
    However, this is a single-passenger lift that does not have a safety bar for structural reasons, so assistance is not available. Please refrain from riding if you think there is a risk of falling off the lift or losing balance while riding.

  • Is the ropeway wheelchair accessible?

    You can ride on the ropeway while staying in your own wheelchair.
    See Information for visitors with disabilities such as wheelchair users for details

  • Can I bring my pet on the ropeway?

    You can bring your pet on the ropeway. However, some pets may not be allowed depending on their size.
    See Bringing Your Pet for detail

  • Is the ropeway baby stroller accessible?

    You can ride on the ropeway with your baby in a stroller.
    However, please fold your stroller if a gondola is crowded or our staff ask you to do so. Moreover, there is no elevator in our facilities, so please understand in advance that you will need to lift your stroller up the stairs yourself.

  • Weather and Seasons

  • I’m going to Mt. Gozaisho tomorrow. What will the weather be like?

    Please be aware that “weather is changeable in the mountains”.
    Weather is very changeable in the mountains, so you should know that the weather forecast may not be reliable.
    Winds tend to blow into mountains. As clouds moves on the winds, winds sometimes carry rain clouds that produce rain, and other times clear the air.
    It often happens that it’s cloudy on the base of the mountain and even rainy at the summit while it’s sunny in the city area.
    It can also happen that it’s raining and overcast at the base but it’s sunny on the mountain top. (This is when you can see a sea of clouds from the summit.)
    Weather on the mountain is changeable, so please understand that any information you request regarding weather conditions is likely to change suddenly.

  • When is the best time for viewing flowers?

    Late April to early June is a good time, during which a wide variety of flowers bloom.
    Five-leaf azaleas, a typical flower of Gozaisho, bloom from late April to mid-May, while cork-bark white azaleas bloom from early to late May. Blooming time varies depending on the flower. The rate of bloom also varies from year to year.
    See List of flowers for other flowers found on and around Mt. Gozaisho

  • When can I see red dragonflies?

    From late June to late August, they fly to the cool summit of the mountain in order to escape from the heat of the lower plains.
    Red dragonflies are usually found at the summit of Mt. Gozaisho from late June at the earliest. Then, after mid-August they gradually decrease in number. They grow by eating small insects on Mt. Gozaisho, where the temperature is 10 ºC cooler than in the lower plains even in mid-summer, and their soft body gradually becomes harder, stronger and more reddish.
    ※Dragonflies cannot be seen when the temperature is low or the weather is bad.

  • When is the best time to see fall leaves?

    Fall colors on Mt. Gozaisho start at the summit in mid-October and travel down the mountain. Peak colors occur at the Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs area in late November.
    Peak colors on Mt. Gozaisho move down from the peak as listed below.

    Peak colorsTimingInformation on Fall Leaves
    SummitMid to Late Oct.The summit area is at its peak, but colors have not appeared on the mid-mountain or at the base!
    Mid-mountainLate Oct. to Mid-Nov.While the mid-mountain area is at its peak, leaves have fallen to the ground at the summit, and colors have not yet appeared at the base!
    BaseMid to Late Nov.Peak colors are reaching their final destinations!
    The leaves are all gone at the summit and on the mid-mountain, where winter has already arrived! Timings listed are estimates based on prior years’ results.

    Leaves on the mountain do not change color all at once. Fall leaves on Mt. Gozaisho are decorated by the blended combination of red colors of different shades of the heath family, with mainly red at the summit and yellow at the mid-mountain and lower areas.
    The best time is late October, when you can still see fall colors at the summit and enjoy vivid colors on the mountainside from inside a gondola. It is not very cold at this time of year, so you can enjoy the fall leaves by taking a stroll at a leisurely pace. It gets much colder in November, so take measures to protect yourself against cold weather.
    See Fall on Mt. Gozaisho for details

  • How busy is the ropeway during the fall leaves season?

    From mid-October to late November, it is expected to be very crowded on weekends and holidays if the weather is good. Please note that queues to board a gondola heading up to the summit also means you will need to wait for a gondola down to the base, too.

  • Can I drive to the ropeway station with normal tires in winter?

    You should prepare your tires for winter weather.
    Located at an altitude of 400m (1,312ft), the ropeway station area on the base often experiences snowfall in winter.
    Please come well-prepared with stud-less tires as a basic equipment, or carry tire chains.
    (Picture to the right: Ropeway station area covered with snow.)

  • Can I see Juhyou (ice coatings on trees) today?

    Juhyou may not form every day.
    ① Coldness (Temperature at or below 0ºC or 32ºF)
    ② Humidity
    ③ Strong winds
    When all three conditions are met, juhyou are likely to form. Generally they can be seen at places over 1,000m in elevation, but the temperatures needed for snow to fall are not low enough for juhyou to form.
    You can see juhyou from late November at the earliest, to mid-March at the latest. The peak time when you can see them most frequently is from late December to late February.
    Before coming, check our website to confirm the current conditions of juhyou,which is updated during the winter season.
    SeeWinter on Mt. Gozaishofor details

  • What are Hyoubaku? Can I see them today?

    Hyoubaku are huge blocks of ice that gradually develop by repeatedly spraying water vapor.
    While Juhyou are creations of nature, hyoubaku are artificially created using nature’s help.
    Before coming, check our website to confirm the current conditions of hyoubaku, which is updated during the winter season.
    See Winter on Mt. Gozaisho for details
    ※Although hyoubaku are manmade, they are created with the help of nature so they may melt as the temperature rises.

  • Gozaisho Ski Resort

  • How can I get to Gozaisho Ski Resort? Can I go there directly by car?

    The Gozaisho Ski Resort can only be accessed by the ropeway.
    There is no direct road access to the ski resort.
    SeeAccess for access to the parking lot at the base

  • When does the ski resort open? Until how late in the season can we ski?

    It depends on snowfall, but it is typically open from January 2 to late February. The ski resort is exclusively for skiing, so snowboarding is not allowed.

  • Is there an admission fee for the ski resort?

    No. You can ski for free.
    We do not charge fees, so you can ski for free.
    However, you need to pay for the ropeway and lift, and ski rental equipment if you need it.

  • I’m planning to go to the ski resort. Is there somewhere I can change into my ski gear at the summit?

    There a place where you can change your clothes.
    There is a locker room equipped with coin lockers in the basement of the Ski Rental House located with in Gozaisho Nature School, where you can change clothes. However, this room is not intended for use as a changing room, so you should change into ski clothes in your car at the resort parking lot before coming to the ski resort, if possible.

  • Can I rent ski equipment such as ski clothes, skis or ski boots?

    Skis, ski boots and ski poles are available to rent.
    Ski equipment other than those above (ski clothes and gear such as gloves and googles) are not available. Bring your own gear.
    See here for Ski Equipment Rental & Prices

  • Can I rent short skis?

    Short skis are not available to rent.
    We are sometimes asked for short-sized ski rental. However, as binding size is fixed, you cannot adjust large boots to short skis. Ask the staff at the Ski Rental House for details.
    130cm skis can be adjusted to the boots of 25.0cm or larger, but 120cm skis can only be adjusted to the boots of 24.5cm or smaller.

  • Where can I buy a ski lift ticket?

    At the ticket office located on the beginner slope.
    Take a ropeway to the summit of the mountain and buy a ski ticket at the “ticket office” located on the beginner slope.
    ※Ski lift tickets are not available at the ropeway ticket windows on the base and the summit, sightseeing lift terminals or the Ski Rental House located within the Restaurant Azalea.

  • I bought a lift ticket. Which lift can I ride with this ticket?

    You can ride both kinds of lift at the Summit Park.
    You can ride both the ski lift that runs along the beginner slope, and the sightseeing lift that connects the ropeway Summit Park Station to the summit of Mt. Gozaisho.
    Both only accommodate single passengers.
    SeeMapfor the location of the lifts

  • How can I put my child in ski school?

    Come to the school as early as possible on the day. (Advance reservations not accepted.)
    Our ski school offers skiing lessons for small groups such as families. However, with a limited number of instructors available, admission is on a first come, first served basis. On busy days all lessons can become full within an hour. Therefore, if you would like to be sure to put your child in school on that day, please follow the steps below.

    ① Come early so that you can take the first ropeway of the day (9:00am).
    ② Take a ropeway to the summit of the mountain.
    ③ When you arrive at the summit, go first to the Ski Rental House located with in the Gozaisho Nature School.
    ④ Go through the ski school registration procedure. (If you do not have ski equipment such as skis, you should complete the school application before the rental application.)
    ⑤ (If you do not have ski gear,) complete the rental application.

    See here for more information on ski school and pricing

  • I have three children. Can I put them all in the same class?

    You can, if their skiing levels are the same.
    First, you need to make sure that your children’s skiing levels are the same.
    If their levels are the same, they can be enrolled in the same class. However, if one is an advanced level and another is a complete beginner, they will be taught by different instructors in different classes.
    If you have any questions, ask our staff when you register for the school.

  • Are there any places where children can enjoy sledding?

    You can enjoy sledding at the Children’s Sledding Slope.
    You can enjoy sledding at the Children’s Sledding Slope located in front of the Gozaisho Nature School. This slope is exclusively for sledding.
    ※Operating hours for the Children’s Sledding Slope is the same as those of the ski resort.

  • Do I need to pay the admission to the Children’s Sledding Slope?

    No. Admission is free.
    As with the ski slopes, there is no charge. You can sled for free.

  • Do I need to pay the admission to the Children’s Sledding Slope?

    No. Admission is free.
    As with the ski slopes, there is no charge. You can sled for free.

  • Can I bring in a sled for my child sledding?

    Yes, you can bring your own sled.
    If you do not have a sled, you can rent a sled for 600 yen at the Ski Rental House located with in the Gozaisho Nature School.

  • Stores at the base

  • About Montbell Room Gozaisho Store

    See shops.


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