Strange and Unusual Rock Formations

Strange and Unusual Rock Formations

Explore the mysterious and unusual rock formations found on Mt. Gozaisho.

  • Jizou-iwa (Children’s Guardian Deity-shaped rock)
    This rarely positioned rock never falls, and its tenacity gives good luck to prayers for success in exams.

    Located on the side of Mt. Gozaisho, this square-shaped rock is wedged between two other rocks. It is famous as a rock which “never falls” i.e. fails, and so is extremely popular during the exams season.

  • Takami-iwa (Hawk-shaped rock) and Ebisu-iwa (God of Wealth-shaped rock)

    You can spot these formations from the gondola when it is about to pass the 6th supporting tower, which is the highest white iron ropeway support tower in Japan. This is one of the Mt. Gozaisho's most magnificent views.

  • Daikoku-iwa (God of Luck-shaped rock)

    A huge, 10 meters (32.8 feet) tall rock that towers over the south side of the Gozaisho Ropeway’s Summit Park Station.


  • Obare-iwa (Rock supported by the other rock on its back)

  • Ishi-mon (Stone Gate)

  • Kiretto (Gap in the mountain ridge)

  • Tensashi-iwa (Heaven-pointing rock)

  • Yurugi-iwa (Unstable rock)

  • Tounai-heki (Wall)

  • Fujimi-iwa (Mt. Fuji viewing rock)

  • Tate-iwa (Standing rock)


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