Prices & Operating Hours

Operating Hours & Prices

Here is a list of lift and ropeway ticket prices and restaurants and shops’ opening hours, etc. Please note that the operating hours for the summer season (April 1-November 30) and the winter season (December 1-March 31) are different.


Operating Hours (April 1 - November 30)

Ropeway & Sightseeing Lift
OpeningLast ascentLast descent
 Sightseeing Lift9:3016:4017:00
Restaurant & Shop
Restaurant NatureCafe 9:1017:00
Restaurant 10:0016:30
Alpen HallCafe/Shop 9:1017:00
Restaurant 10:1016:30
Gift Shop Belleforet 9:0017:40
Montbell Room Gozaisho Store9:0017:00

Operating Hours (December 1 - March 31)

Ropeway & Sightseeing Lift
FacilityOpeningLast ascentLast descent
 Sightseeing Lift9:30 15:4016:00
Restaurant & Shop
Restaurant NatureCafe 9:1016:00
Restaurant 10:0015:30
Alpen HallCafe/Shop 9:1016:00
Restaurant 10:1015:30
Gift Shop Belleforet 9:0016:40
Montbell Room Gozaisho Store9:0016:00

Operating Hours of Ski Resort


※The prices include tax.

Ropeway Rates
IndividualRound tripOne way
Adults (Jr. High School & above)2,600 yen1,500 yen
Children (4 yrs. to Elem. school)1,300 yen750 yen
Disability discount: Adults1,380 yen740 yen
Disability discount: Children690 yen380 yen

※How to avail of the disability discount:
●Bring your Shougaisha-techou (disability certificate), etc. (with the description of either “type one” or “type two” in the column of fare discount offered by railway companies), which is issued by municipalities. For Type One disability certificate holders, the discount can be applied to the person with disabilities and their escort (max. 2 people). For Type Two holders, only the individual with the disability is eligible for the discount.
●For holders of Seishinshougaisha-hokenfukushi-techou (1st, 2nd or 3rd grade), the discount is applicable to the person with disabilities and their escort (max. 2 people).
※Only the disability certificates listed above can be accepted as proof of disability.
※Special charges may apply during events. Relevant information will be posted on our web site in such cases.

Sightseeing Lift Rates
SegmentRound tripOne way
Ropeway Sta. – Summit Sta.650 yen350 yen
Ropeway Sta. –
Kamoshika (Midway) Sta.

300 yen

Kamoshika (Midway) Sta. – Summit Sta.-

300 yen

Group Discounts
GroupRound tripOne way
15 or moreAdults2,340 yen1,370 yen
Children1,170 yen690 yen
50 or moreAdults2,080 yen1,200 yen
Children1,040 yen610 yen
100 or moreAdults1,800 yen1,050 yen
Children900 yen530 yen
SchoolUniversity1,640 yen1,040 yen
High School1,530 yen890 yen
Jr. High School1,280 yen740 yen
Elementary School & under770 yen460 yen

※General group discounts apply to groups of more than 15 or 50 people, regardless of age, for both round tickets and one way tickets.
※School discounts are only applicable to school groups led by school staff, visiting as a school activity.

Parking fees(Full-day fees)
TypeParking fees
Medium-sized vehicle1,000 yen
Large-sized vehicle2,000 yen
Two-wheeled vehicle1,000 yen
Other prices
Coin locker300 yen / 200 yenCoin lockers are installed in front of Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs Sta. and within the Summit Park Sta. building.
Baggage Storage Service300 yenBaggage storage services are available at Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs Sta. and Summit Park Sta. building for baggage that is too large to be stored in a coin locker. Please ask staff at a ticket counter for this service.
Pet Carrying Case300 yen

Carry cases come in 3 sizes.

※Carry cases:
S: Width:29.0cm/Height:28.5cm/Depth:46.0cm
M: Width:37.5cm/Height:37.0cm/Depth:53.5cm
L: Width:42.4cm/Height:43.0cm/Depth:62.7cm

Ski Resort Prices

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