Take time and enjoy the landscape of Mt. Gozaisho

If you are looking for a more genuine walk at the summit, this is the perfect choice for you. It offers a real mountain hiking experience. However, most of the trails at the summit are well paved, so you can explore comfortably in sneakers.
This course takes you to the sightseeing spots located beyond the summit.

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  • 1See Restaurant MenuMAPA

    The highlight of Gozaisho Ropeway is a commanding panoramic view of Ise Bay. Enjoy magnificent views of the beautiful landscape.
    If you are lucky, a wild Japanese serow, a special natural treasure of Japan, might appear right under the gondola.

  • 2Enjoy the landscape from Chouyoudai ObservatoryMAP1

    Chouyoudai Observatory commands a panoramic view towards the east of Mt. Gozaisho, overlooking the wide landscape spreading from Ise Bay to the Noubi Plain. An excellent spot for a photo!

    Discover the flowers of Mt. Gozaisho

  • 3Miharashidai ObservatoryMAP2

    This is a small viewing platform that is easily missed. It is located on a steep cliff overlooking the ropeway that took you to the summit. Those who are afraid of heights may find it uncomfortable.

  • 4Head for Fujimi-iwa (Mt. Fuji-overlooking) ObservatoryMAP3

    Walking down a short distance from the Chouyoudai Observatory, you will come across the Fujimi-iwa Observatory. As the name implies, from here you can see Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain, under good weather conditions when the sky is clear. Experience the thrill of viewing the landscape at the observatory without safety barriers!! This is the best location for photos of all the Gozaisho features, including the ropeway, white iron ropeway tower and breathtaking landscape.

  • 5Ski Slope

    Head for the summit through the ski slopes during the summer season. Enjoy a taste of mountain hiking.

  • 6First-order Triangulation Point (summit)MAP6

    “We finally made it to the summit!!” Have fun taking a commemorative photo at the top. The summit also forms the border between Mie and Shiga Prefectures, so visitors often take photos across the border to post them on social media.

  • 7Head for Boukodai (Lake-viewing) Lookout MAP7

    A little walk from the summit leads you to the Lake-viewing Lookout overlooking Lake Biwa. Mt. Amagoi, the highest peak of the Suzuka Seven Mountains, can be seen right in front of you.
    This lookout is located in a rocky place without safety barriers and is exposed to strong wind, so watch your footing as you enjoy the views.

  • 8Suzuka National Park Monument

    A short walk down from the summit to the south-west leads you to the open space where you can find the Suzuka National Park Monument. This is a popular spot to have a rest enjoying spring flowers or fall leaves.

  • 9Chouja PondMAP8

    In the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912), a man named Jintarou Yada wondered why the water of this pond became clear so soon after being used to wash rice. In order to discover the secret of the water’s healing power, he practiced ascetic training at the bank of the pond without sleeping and was subsequently bestowed psychic powers. Then he gained the reputation that his touch would completely cure anyone who was sick, which eventually made him wealthy. It is after this story that the pond was named “Chouja (wealthy man) Pond”.
    It is also famous as a spawning ground of green forest frogs.

  • 10Ontake Daigongen Shrine

    An ascetic monk named Kakujun who was devoted to the promulgation of Ontake-kyou (a sect of Shinto) established a branch shrine here in 1884. The shrine was dedicated to the deity of the Kiso-Ontake Shrine as Kakujun declared that “Mt. Gozaisho, the main peak of the Suzuka Mountain Range, is the most appropriate place to enshrine the deity.” The present shrine building was constructed in 1964.

  • 11Dining at Restaurant Nature

    Dine at Restaurant Nature to round off your time at the summit. Enjoy popular Summit Curry Udon Noodles and other delicious local specialties from Mie alongside the magnificent views on offer.
    See Restaurant Menu

  • 12Find gifts at the end of the tourMAP10

    Take a ride on a ropeway gondola to the base of the mountain and look for gifts. Browse the shops offering a wide variety of gifts, including high-quality cakes from Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs and retro items that remind you of the good old days.

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