The Ropeway Museum

The Ropeway Museum

Location: Summit Park Station, 3rd floor
Admission fee: Free

The one and only ropeway museum in Japan

In the Ropeway Museum, you can learn about the mechanisms and history of ropeways by interacting with real artifacts. Many kinds of rare, important items are on display, such as two types of ropes that support gondola lifts and an air speedometer which plays a major role ensuring passenger safety.
When and where was the first passenger ropeway made? Learn about the dramatic story to the opening of the Gozaisho Ropeway through various exhibitions and photos!

Set off to explore behind the scenes of the ropeway

Join a “Behind the Scenes Exploration” Tour.
Don a helmet and set off with a guide to explore behind the underbelly of the ropeway where staff members actually work, which is usually not accessible by the public. Have fun learning about the various jobs involved in the ropeway and its mechanisms. This tour is especially popular among elementary school groups.
Plus, there is a small gift available to everyone who takes part in the tour!

The “bi-cable circulating system” that operates the Gozaisho Ropeway is very valuable. It is only found in the Miyajima Ropeway (Hiroshima) and here.
Take part in the tour for a truly memorable experience.

  • General Information on Guided Tours

    DateYour day of choice
    Number of participants10 or more
    InquiriesGozaisho Ropeway059−392−2261

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