Visit our restaurants and shops located within the Gozaisho Ropeway facilities both at the summit and at the base.

Shops on the Base

    • Gifts Shop Belleforet

      You cannot go home without dropping by this gift corner whenever you come to Gozaisho Ropeway! Shop for original, Gozaisho Ropeway items that are only available here, or for very popular Gozaisho good-luck charms for exam success. Browse the shop for a wide variety of gifts ranging from items made of makomo (Manchurian wild rice) that the area in which the Gozaisho Ropeway, Komono-cho, is named after, to local sake and local specialty sweets of Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs such as “Souhei mochi (rice cake)” and “Yunohana senbei (rice cracker)”. This shop boasts the widest selection of gifts in the Mt. Gozaisho and Yunoyama Onsen Hot Spring area, including the White Iron Ropeway Tower sweet pie that is much talked about recently and the world’s first Gondola Choro-Q toy car.

    • Outdoor Shop Montbell Room Gozaisho Store


  • Kiraku-dou

    A Japanese sweets store that specializes in “Ooishi-yaki (rice cracker)”, a local specialty sweets of Yunoyama Onsen Hot Springs. Take a break with Ooishi-yaki fresh from the oven. You can also choose from crackers that are soft even when cold, or are as hard as stone once they are cool.

  • Gipheli

    A bakery specializing in buns imported directly from Switzerland. Enjoy in-store fresh-baked croissants, rolls and Danish pastries. Soft ice cream is also definitely worth a try.

  • Light Meal Gondola

    Gondola serves up “Ise Udon” noodles, Mie’s local specialty.

Shops at the Summit

  • Restaurant Nature

    The most popular restaurant in the Gozaisho and Yunoyama Onsen Hot Spring area
    See Restaurant Nature Menu

  • Alpen Hall

    Find gifts at the shop and grab a bite to eat at the restaurant that has a variety of light meal options on offer, including oden (slowly simmered dish with vegetables, fish cakes, and more) and Gohei mochi (rice cake).
    See Alpen Hall Menu

  • Gozaisho Nature School

    An exhibition facility which offers a wide variety of nature-related events all year round, including the red dragonflies marking survey and fun with soap bubbles. Pin badges unique to Mt. Gozaisho are among a wide selection of the gifts available at the shop.
    Open: Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation and fall leaves season
    See Gozaisho Nature School Website

Information for Visitors to Gozaisho

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