Clothing on the Summit

What to Wear

The temperature is 8 to 10°C lower at the summit than at the base.

Sensitivity to the temperature differs from person to person. So if you are unsure about what to wear, take a jacket with you so that you can easily adjust the number of layers as the weather changes.

  • Spring
    (April to June)

    Bring a compact down jacket that you can wear over your clothing. Ideally, also bring a windbreaker to be prepared for the sudden changes in springtime weather. Keep them somewhere that is easily accessible so you can put them on or off quickly. Some days may feel cold in a light spring coat.

  • Summer
    (July to September)

    Some days will feel hot even in short-sleeves, but bring a light layer like a cardigan as it can get chilly in the evening.

  • Fall
    (October to December)

    It is relatively warm during the daytime but gets cold in the evening, so bring a compact down jacket, etc. You will feel comfortable wearing the same type of clothing as during the spring season.

  • Winter
    (January to March)

    The temperature occasionally drops below 0ºC (32ºF) so a down jacket or a thick coat is a must. Ski clothing is a good choice to help you stay comfortable. Earflaps, scarves and gloves are also definitely needed. Bring snow boots for extra comfort.

Wind chillNecessary preparations
24℃You will start to feel hot even in short-sleeves.
20℃You will feel slightly cold in short-sleeves.
・Bring a light top layer that you can easily put on to remain comfortable.
18℃You may feel comfortable in either short or long sleeves when not moving.

・When you stay still you may feel cold and want a light, long-sleeve layer.
14℃You may feel like wearing either short-sleeves or long-sleeves when moving.
・When you stay still, you will need a warm, long-sleeved outer layer.
・Short sleeves are fine if you are constantly moving, but have a light outer layer ready just in case.
10℃A thick coat like a down jacket is necessary.
7℃Warm thermal gear is necessary.
・When not moving you will feel the chill and your breath will feel warm on your skin.
・Gloves, scarves and hat, etc. are necessary.
4℃You need to layer your clothes.
・In addition to a down jacket or coat, thick clothes such as a sweater or fleece are necessary.
・Bring a portable body warmer for extra comfort.
Below 0°CWear ski clothes to ensure that you remain perfectly comfortable.
・It starts to feel hard to stay outside without wearing thermal gear.
・You will gradually feel the cold even if you are wearing thick clothes.
・Areas exposed to the cold feel painful.
・Wear earflaps or a knitted hat.

Does it get colder when the wind is blowing?

Generally, “the wind chill factor causes a drop of 1°C in temperature per 1m/s wind speed” when the wind is blowing. The wind chill factor can be roughly calculated by subtracting wind speed from temperature (this becomes especially accurate in winter). Our website provides wind speed and temperature, updated three times a day (9:00,12:00,15:00). Please check our website to get tips on what to wear when going out.
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