Gozaisho Curry Udon Noodles

Gozaisho Curry Udon Noodles

“Gozaisho Curry Udon Noodles” are now on sale with great reviews at the “Restaurant Azalea” and “Alpen”! Enjoy this local specialty when you come to Gozaisho.

  • Gozaisho Curry Udon Noodles 900 yen

  • Gozaisho Curry Udon Noodles Set 1,200 yen

Gozaisho Local Specialty

An exquisite combination of the local, chewy delicacy of “Ise Udon Noodles” combined with a rich curry sauce!! Topped off with sweet and tender simmered pork which is abundant in collagen, this dish is highly recommended guys who want to load up or girls who are about to hit the mountain.

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