From April 14 to June 27, 2024, Gozaisho Ropeway will hold a spring green campaign.
During the period, you can enjoy beautiful azaleas. There are plenty of fun events such as nature experience events and limited-time menu sales.
This spring, let's experience the "360° feeling of budding" at the palace


■Flower and bird walks【花と野鳥のございしょ散歩】

Mt. Gozaisho is a colony of precious azaleas and alpine plants. In addition, the rich natural environment attracts many wild birds. We will hold an observation session of the flowers and wild birds.
Date & Time: 4/21 (Sun), 4/27 (Sat), 5/18 (Sat), 5/19 (Sun), 6/8 (Sat), 6/19 (Sun) 9:30~12:00
Fee: 1,000 yen * Cash payment on the day, ropeway fee required separately
Reservations: Advance reservation required (on the event page or by phone)


【4月20日】Sengoku Warlord Takatora Todo【藤堂高虎 春の陣】

Sengoku warlord Takatora Todo comes to Gozaisho Mountain. How about taking a commemorative photo with the hall on the day?

【4月29日】Gozaisho Ropeway Anniversary【開通記念日】

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Gozaisho Ropeway, which opened on April 29, Showa 34. We will hold public live broadcasts of local radio stations and woodworking events.


【5月3日】Mikio Kato & Hiromichi Kato Street performance【加藤みきお&加藤ひろみち】大道芸ショー

On May 3rd, a street performance duo, Mikio Kato & Hiromichi Kato, will be held at the plaza in front of the station at the foot of the station.
Time: 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m


【5月4日】Invitation to Mr./Ms. Midori【みどりさんご招待】

On May 4th, those with green in their names will be free of charge for the ropeway round-trip fee.



From May 5, Reiwa 6 to May 12, Reiwa 6, you can ride the sightseeing lift as much as you want by presenting your ropeway dwarf ticket.
Eligibility: Customers over 4 years old and elementary school students and younger who present a ropeway ticket for children


【4/20日~6/23、sat/sun】Gozaisho Nature School opened【ございしょ自然学校開校】

Jumbo Shabondama event, craft class, nature experience events such as Mt. Kunimi trekking are available Mr./Ms.! Click here for → details.

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Restaurant "Nature" limited menu

From 4/14 ~ 6/27, we will sell sweets using Yokkaichi's specialty "Kabusecha" in Mie Prefecture.


Kabusecha pudding..... JPY 500

Kabusecha soft ice cream..... JPY 500


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