Personal Information Protection Policy

Gozaisho Ropeway Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) shall comply with the following terms of this policy when handling personal information handled in the course of business (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) and continue to strive every day to earn the trust of the public.

1.Collection of information through proper means
The company shall clarify the purposes of collecting personal information at or before the information is collected and collect only the minimum amount of information necessary for the purposes that the company has identified with the prior consent of the relevant person.

2. Rules on use of information and provision of information to third parties
The company shall use personal information or provide it to third parties only in cases in which the prior consent of the relevant customer has been received, in which the handling of said personal information is permitted by law or in which there are other proper reasons.

3.Provision of personal information to entrusted companies
When providing personal information to entrusted companies, the company shall require them to handle the management of information in the same way as the company except in exceptional circumstances, and take appropriate security and supervisory measures to prevent leakage or re-provision of information by entrusted companies.

4.Respect for rights regarding personal information
The company respects individuals’ rights regarding personal information and will respond to requests by a customer for disclosure of their personal information within an appropriate range and for a reasonable period. The company will also respond promptly within a reasonable time to requests by a customer for correction or modification of their personal information after confirming the identity of the customer.

5.Appropriate Management of Personal Information
The company has designated a personal information protection manager who is responsible for strictly managing personal information by taking necessary and appropriate safety measures to prevent any illegal access to or any loss, destruction or alternation of personal information.

6.Compliance with Relevant Laws, Regulations and Other Rules
The company shall comply with the laws and regulations on the protection of personal information and any other related rules. Moreover, the company, having separately established the privacy policy, shall endeavor not only to abide by the terms of this policy but also to continuously make improvements to them.

■Contact us - Complaints & consultation requests relating to personal information

1. You can write to or call us at:
Soumu-bu’s “Kojin jouhou soudan madoguchi (Consultation Counter on Personal Information)”
Gozaisho Ropeway Inc.
8625 Komono, Komono-chou, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture, 510-1233
TEL: 059-392-3131

2. For email inquiries click here.

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